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The Best product in the "Real World".
Cratus Canada has THE best suppressors in the world , with the "
PROVEN  LOWEST " let through voltages of any suppressor in the industry.


Good Sine WaveIn its broadest sense, power quality is a set of boundaries that allows electrical systems to function in their intended manner without significant loss of performance or life. The term is used to describe electric power that drives an electrical device and the device’s ability to function properly with that electric power. Without the proper power, an electrical device may malfunction, fail prematurely or not operate at all. There are many ways in which electric power can be of poor quality and many more causes of such poor quality power.

It is critical to invest in protection systems in order to mitigate the damages caused by transients. The investment in SineTamer products will cut annual maintenance electrical and/or electronic costs and provide the benefit of return on investment that typically ranges from 3-18 months.

Welcome to Cratus Canada LTD.Since the discovery of electricity the basic concept of it’s delivery to customers has remained unchanged. Power grids have expanded, attempting to keep up with the growing demand for clean sources of energy. Whether the source of the electrical energy is hydro, coal, solar wind or any other technology the problem of quality remains the same. The degradation of the delivered product is caused either by inherent problems in the grid or external issues attacking the grid, either can and is having tremendous effects on the end user.

In Operations Areas, Do You Experience?

• The necessity to re-boot or re-program software in PLC’s?
• Replacement of critical equipment boards?
• The need to replace lamps and electronic ballast early and often?
• Failed LED lighting long before manufacturers suggested warranty period?
• Security or Fire alarm failures?
• Damaged electronics involving emergency generator equipment?
• Failed compressors and controls on refrigeration and/or AC units?
• Damaged Variable Frequency Drives and/or unexpected behavior?
• The need for frequent motor rewinds due to burned windings?
• Unexplained failures of sensitive electronic equipment?

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Amy Osborne
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Cratus Group utilizes the latest innovations from "SineTamer" and the experience that ECS brings. Using “SineTamer” products “future proofs” your valuable assets.Your Profitability will not be affected by the ongoing degradation of the power grid.

Cratus will conduct an analysis of the power entering and distributed throughout your facility. Our technicians, using state-of-the-art  technology, can diagnose the many different types of power problems you may be experiencing.