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In Operations Areas, Do You Experience?

• The necessity to re-boot or re-program software in PLC’s?
• Replacement of critical equipment boards?
• The need to replace lamps and electronic ballast early and often?
• Failed LED lighting long before manufacturers suggested warranty period?
• Security or Fire alarm failures?
• Damaged electronics involving emergency generator equipment?
• Failed compressors and controls on refrigeration and/or AC units?
• Damaged Variable Frequency Drives and/or unexpected behavior?
• The need for frequent motor rewinds due to burned windings?
• Unexplained failures of sensitive electronic equipment?


In Administration Areas, Do You Experience?

• The requirement to “shut-down” during storms?
• The need to re-boot or re-program software on PC’s?
• Telephone and Data equipment failure after or during storms?
• Required reset of UPS systems after use of electronic equipment?
• Shortened life of UPS and less than stated battery life?


The importance of clean power simply cannot be overstated

Clean Power —or lack of it—is one of the biggest risks any business faces.

Without systems up and running every minute of every day, a business can quickly be brought to its knees. And even seconds of downtime cost money... money your business needs to survive.

Unfortunately, the increase in business systems complexity and the devices used is also increasing the risk. Your IT experts must manage hundreds of electronic devices using multiple vendor-specific tools, and they may need to repeatedly connect to each device and resolve each incident. The struggle to manage devices is often compounded by the fact that they are in multiple locations, such as branch offices, where there is no on-site expertise.

It all adds up to a costly, time-consuming process that can thwart system availability and functionality.


So how do you reduce the risk? There are three key steps you can take:

• Increase the efficiency of clean energy management for devices across all locations

• Monitor the incoming power Sine wave looking for changes in the wave form

• Correct the waveform restoring a "cleaner" wave to pass through and eliminates the risk of damage


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