What is Dirty Power?


Dirty Power is a widely utilized term these days, but unfortunately, not many people know or understand what it consists of or what its effects are responsible for in today’s electrical infrastructure.

Dirty Power consists of several conditions:



The single most disruptive factor associated with dirty power. These momentary spikes in either voltage or amperage, can be small or extremely large (thousands of volts or amps), and happen extremely fast (milli or micro seconds). They are caused or internally induced by capacitive loads starting or stopping, starting and stopping of pumps, compressors, lighting switches, or any other switching which occurs from non-linear loads such as dimmer switches or variable speed drives within our electrical circuits. They can also be induced from external sources into our systems from power which enters our buildings from our service providers.


Radio Frequencies (RF):

Usually in the kHz to MHz frequency ranges. These higher frequencies travel on top of our power lines within the building and can be responsible for many health conditions. They are induced into our systems from switch mode power supplies which convert AC power to DC power for the supply of our electronic devices.


Swells or Surges:

These anomalies usually occur when a rise in voltage occurs when a heavy load turns off in a power system.


Sags or Dips:

These anomalies usually occur by abrupt load increases in loads from motor starting, electric heaters turning on, or loose wiring connections.


Are You Aware That?

Smart Meters induce Dirty Power into our homes and buildings from not only the service provider but also from our neighboring houses or buildings within the same grid of power.


Are You Aware That?

Radio Frequencies (RF) are induced into our buildings from the switch mode power supplies within the Smart Meters. These can range from 2 volts with very little electrical activity up to 27 volts when activity is at a peak load draw. These harmful kHz frequencies radiate out from the walls of our buildings for approximately 3 feet at a 90 Deg. Angle. from the internal wiring within the walls.


Are You Aware That?

Radio Frequencies (RF) are very harmful to our health in the kHz and GHz range of frequencies. They have been studied for years by the US military and have been proven to be carcinogenic as well as detrimental to our human cell DNA. These RF frequencies have been documented by the US Military as well as Dr. Sam Milham to cause Leukemia in children, tumors in adults, and symptoms can vary from headaches, to severe Flu like symptoms, as well as possible life-threatening conditions over long term exposure.


Are You Aware That?

The Smart Meter and Dirty Power cost each of us thousands of dollars a year in electrical bills and wear and tear on our expensive electrical and electronic items we have purchased. Our expensive electronics, security systems, LED lighting, and Smart Appliances, will all be effected and a drastic reduction of lifespans will occur. Led lighting manufacturers have already rescinded the supposed warranties implied on their LED bulbs because of the harmful effects of dirty power. Most of the failures that we witness with our electronics, we dismiss as chance or faulty products, but it simply isn’t so.


Are You Aware That?

There is a product on the market which can effectively remove the harmful effects of Dirty Power. This suppression product is called SIneTamer and it is not to be confused with all other suppression products on the market today.
The SIneTamer suppression product has been in existence for over 30 years, and is implemented in over 50 countries worldwide. Its primary focus has been for protecting the industrial and commercial buildings, process equipment, as well as protecting sensitive electronics worldwide and allow the equipment to operate as it was intended rather than succumb to equipment breakdown and costly downtime from failure of operating systems.

It has been discovered that this leading suppression product which is the Standard of the Industry worldwide, is able to effectively combat the problems associated with effects of our dirty power and RF frequency which is inherent in all our power today. The special SIneTamer circuitry allows us to protect every mode of the power within our buildings, Line to Line, Line to Neutral, Line to Ground, and Neutral to Ground. Thru our Special Frequency Attenuation Circuitry, we can closely follow the sinewave form, both above and below it to sense any deviation and quickly adjust to the excess energy, drastically reducing it thru our different modes of protection. This special patented circuitry is not found in other suppression devices, and is what sets us apart from all others. The result of SIneTamer Filtering, drops the RF levels to approximately 1.25 volts RMS constant.

The SIneTamer suppression system is the safest, most effective and proven lowest let thru voltage of any suppression units in the world and is proud to be known as the Standard of the Industry. SIneTamer offers the longest, most unequalled warranty in the industry (15-25 yrs.) and offers proven results over time. Typical rate of return is 5-7 months with an average 80% reduction in electrical repair and replacement.

Installation is easy by a qualified electrician, as the unit is mounted and wired into the breaker panel immediately in line from the Smart Meter at the building entrance. This will protect the internal circuits from all incoming Dirty Power and RF frequencies travelling into the building, as well as removing all transients which are induced from the house or building itself before they travel back to the Smart Meter.

Total house or building protection is the key to our health, sensitive equipment and our pocket books.

Power Smart Testimonials

"For three years now our 17 year old daughter has struggled with depression, contemplated suicide and generally withdrew herself from day to day family life at home. She could not bring herself to eat or attend school or her job at a local gymnastics center which she loved so much. She was eventually kicked out of school for not attending and had no goals in life. We have struggled to determine the cause seeking medical, counseling and psychological advice. Medical depression treatment made her lethargic, she resented us for making her take medication and continued to be withdrawn. Multiple visits to three separate psychologists for counseling produced no results. A supportive family had no effect on her lack of motivation as she continued to spend hours alone in her room..."

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"I heard about the Sine Tamer from a good friend who was concerned about me and who also has had a Sine Tamer installed in her home. In previous correspondence, I had shared with her about how ill I became when exposed to anything wireless such as WiFi and Smart Meters. My health was impacted so drastically that I had to leave my teaching career and my husband, and I was forced to move from our home in town..."

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Cratus Information

Cratus Group utilizes the latest innovations from "SineTamer" and the experience that ECS brings. Using “SineTamer” products “future proofs” your valuable assets.Your Profitability will not be affected by the ongoing degradation of the power grid.

Cratus will conduct an analysis of the power entering and distributed throughout your facility. Our technicians, using state-of-the-art  technology, can diagnose the many different types of power problems you may be experiencing.