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Cratus Canada Ltd. effectively removes transients in our power systems by utilizing SineTamer® suppression technology which mitigates transients at the panel before they can erode other circuits, damaging electrical equipment and sensitive electronics within our buildings and houses.

Cratus travels thru out Canada and the U.S. giving seminars, speaking with major companies and Government Departments, about the dangers of transients and the causes and effects that they have on major equipment that they incorporate within their business’s and buildings. The seminars educate the customers about dirty power and explain the cost savings they will receive when utilizing our product within their electrical infrastructures. For companies, it is about a major reduction in costly down time, reduction in repair or replacement of their electronic systems, or generally, to enable their sensitive equipment to be able to function properly like it was intended to without the dirty power and transients effecting their operation.

Surge Suppression was originally designed by our engineers over 35 years ago for the sole means of protecting our buildings and houses from the effects of devastating lightning strikes. This technology has remained relatively untouched for all manufacturers of suppression equipment ever since.

This older 20th century technology was adequate for protecting electrical systems from lightning and power provider anomalies for many years. Over the years, our computer and microprocessor technology has evolved enormously, supplying society with extremely fast production equipment as well as the ability to function in our lives virtually wirelessly. 

Smart Grid and Fourth Generation ProtectionFor the last several years, the reality of aging, overburdened electrical grids has been realized by the world-wide engineering and utility community. Identifying and addressing the issues has been a challenge and the challenge is being met, in part, by the development of the Smart Grid concept. In conjunction with this alternative energy sources are an integral component in the Smart Grid. Their use goes hand-in-hand with significantly reducing the environmental impact of the whole electricity supply system.

The SineTamer© series of units blends outstanding high-energy "impulse" suppression with excellent "ring-wave" transient protection with our Frequency Attenuation Network®.

Power Smart Pics of post suppressionBy William Bathgate, Electrical Engineer

A utility may shut off or deny service to a customer "without notice, if a condition on the customer's premises is determined by the utility or a governmental agency to be hazardous." I hold an electrical engineering and mechanical engineering degree and previously was employed through late 2015 for 8 years at the Emerson Electric Company.

Dirty Power is a widely utilized term these days, but unfortunately, not many people know or understand what it consists of or what its effects are responsible for in today’s electrical infrastructure.

Dirty Power consists of several conditions:

SMdeconWarningJust When You Thought It Was Safe to Opt-Out

Ironically, now that PG&E is offering to disable the wireless RF function (for a hefty price) in their smart meters, we find that there's an another extremely critical problem with the meters.

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"For three years now our 17 year old daughter has struggled with depression, contemplated suicide and generally withdrew herself from day to day family life at home. She could not bring herself to eat or attend school or her job at a local gymnastics center which she loved so much. She was eventually kicked out of school for not attending and had no goals in life. We have struggled to determine the cause seeking medical, counseling and psychological advice. Medical depression treatment made her lethargic, she resented us for making her take medication and continued to be withdrawn. Multiple visits to three separate psychologists for counseling produced no results. A supportive family had no effect on her lack of motivation as she continued to spend hours alone in her room..."

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"I heard about the Sine Tamer from a good friend who was concerned about me and who also has had a Sine Tamer installed in her home. In previous correspondence, I had shared with her about how ill I became when exposed to anything wireless such as WiFi and Smart Meters. My health was impacted so drastically that I had to leave my teaching career and my husband, and I was forced to move from our home in town..."

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Cratus Group utilizes the latest innovations from "SineTamer" and the experience that ECS brings. Using “SineTamer” products “future proofs” your valuable assets.Your Profitability will not be affected by the ongoing degradation of the power grid.

Cratus will conduct an analysis of the power entering and distributed throughout your facility. Our technicians, using state-of-the-art  technology, can diagnose the many different types of power problems you may be experiencing.