FC Vancouver


"I heard about the Sine Tamer from a good friend who was concerned about me and who also has had a Sine Tamer installed in her home. In previous correspondence, I had shared with her about how ill I became when exposed to anything wireless such as WiFi and Smart Meters. My health was impacted so drastically that I had to leave my teaching career and my husband, and I was forced to move from our home in town. Our move was to an acreage on Vancouver Island where I hoped that exposure to wireless would be lessened.

Sadly, no matter where one hopes to escape to, there is no escaping wireless! My previous symptoms in town and at school included blurred vision, tinnitus and deafness, sharp pains in my inner ear, heart palpitations and chest pain, pain in my joints and joint swelling, vertigo, anxiety, depression, night "sweats," sleeplessness, and daily migraine headaches.

Even though the conditions were improved at the acreage, I was still affected by neighbors. Wireless "travels" for miles and we had a Smart Meter. I was still experiencing migraine headaches, vertigo, ear pain, blurred vision, anxiety, and depression. I felt angry most of the time.

The Sine Tamer was purchased and installed approximately one month ago. I have not had a migraine headache, the vertigo is gone, and so is the anxiety and depression. I still "feel" it when the Smart Meters are transmitting, or individuals are using their wireless, but the "feeling" is very different than before. I just "know" that it is happening, but the physical repercussions are not as they were before. The Sine Tamer doesn't "stop" the wireless transmissions, but rather alters them in a very positive way. The installation of the Sine Tamer has made a huge difference to my quality of life and as my friend told me, "Stop complaining about your health issues and do something about your situation. Try the Sine Tamer." So, I did! I don't know a lot about a Sine Tamer, but it works for me!"

- FC, Vancouver Island

Cratus Information

Cratus Group utilizes the latest innovations from "SineTamer" and the experience that ECS brings. Using “SineTamer” products “future proofs” your valuable assets.Your Profitability will not be affected by the ongoing degradation of the power grid.

Cratus will conduct an analysis of the power entering and distributed throughout your facility. Our technicians, using state-of-the-art  technology, can diagnose the many different types of power problems you may be experiencing.