Cratus Canada Ltd. has received a number of questions with regards to new LED lighting and the effects of transients upon them, so we will try to answer some of the questions and also the importance for SineTamer to be part of the new LED installations in businesses and homes today.


The new LED bulbs utilized in our lighting systems are very economical to run.  The Lo Energy consumption, and the estimated 50,000 to 95,000 hours on a bulb, make it a natural purchase for those interested in saving money on their electrical bill every month.  They are very durable, have a low vibration shock allowance, excellent on/off applications, and most importantly, they are cool to the touch.  With no mercury in them and no ballast to interfere with our radio and television signals, they are quickly becoming the bulb of choice for consumers around the world.

Although the LED bulbs seem to be the obvious alternative to the incandescent bulbs of old, they do not come free of problems and are costly to purchase.  The warranties of the new bulbs are very generous, and the consumer is awe stricken with the amount of hours the manufacturers are claiming for the life span of the bulbs.  The new LED’s however, are not without their share of problems or potential problems.  We will attempt to outline some of those problems and what you as a consumer may do, to protect your new investment in LED lights.

It is for this reason that backup protection should be part of the inner workings of the bulb, but rarely is this the case.  Without some sort of thermal management, the heat will degrade the LED lifespan and affect the color output of the bulb.

Because of the LED bulbs need for precise power management, they are very susceptible to any changes or variations of our electrical supply.  Voltage and amperage act inversely of one another when either one is changed either up or down.  For example, if the voltage increases, then the amperage decreases.  If the voltage decreases, then the amperage increases.  That being said and understood, voltage transients and surges within our power systems greatly affect the operation of an LED bulb, and greatly affect the lifespan of the bulbs.  

The integrated circuits of the bulb (ICS’s) and other sensitive electronic components of the bulbs, require over current protection, otherwise premature failing will occur.  It is estimated by bulb manufacturers, that without proper protection of the power management supplying the LED bulbs, the estimated lifespan will be considerably lower than suggested by the manufacturer.  Some studies have been made to suggest that approximately 20 – 35% of the estimated lifespan of the bulb will be recognized.


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